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I am pleased to welcome you to Ecovill oneroomtel
We provide you with clean environments and clean rooms. 

All individual rooms are attached with toilet/shower and vary from 450,000 to 550,000won.
 The price varies depending on the size of the room but all rooms have the same    interior facilities.
 There is no deposit fee, maintenance fee nor additional charges.

Each room has:

A bed, closet, desk, chair, bookcase, drawer, LAN for the internet(Wi-fi free), LCD Computer moniter (IPTV available), refrigerator, security and fire facilities, an automatic sprinkler system

Public facilities:

In kitchen, we have an electronic range, rice cooker, table, kitchen utensils(such as dishes, cups, knives, etc), water purifier, computer


Rice, kimchi, instant noodle, seasonings. detergent, coffee

If you have any questions, please call

kakao talk ID : niovill1515
e-mail :
H.P :010-7332-1515